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It has asynchronous SRAM interface with 1 -Tr. and 1-Cap. cell and supports page read/write operation.
To obtain the low power consumption, the Deep Power Down mode, Partial Array Self-Refresh, Reduced Memory Size mode and Temperature Controlled Self-Refresh mode are adopted internally.
ADMUX & Burst Pseudo SRAM products are high-speed, CMOS pseudo-static random access memories developed for low power, portable applications.
These devices include an industry-standard burst mode Flash interface that dramatically increases read/write bandwidth compared with other low-power SRAM or Pseudo SRAM offerings. To reduce the number of pins, the first sixteen address lines are multiplexed with the Data Input/Output signals on the multiplexed address/data bus ADQ0-ADQ15.
It is high-performance CMOS Dynamic RAMs (DRAM). These devices feature advanced circuit design to provide ultra-low active current and extremely low standby current.
This is ideal for providing More Battery LifeTime in portable applications such as wireless handsets. The device is compatible with the JEDEC standard LP-SDRAM specifications.
Fidelix’s Low Power?DDR SDRAM is a CMOS Double Data Rate Synchronous DRAM, developed for high performance portable applications such as high end mobile phone, DMB, PMP, PDA and etc. It offers fully synchronous operations referenced to both rising and falling edges of the clock. The low power consumption and high speed performance can be supported with Data Input/ Output bus(x16, x32). It also supports the low power mode to reduce the self refresh current consumption, such as PASR(Partial Array Self Refresh) & Auto-TCSR(Auto Temperature Compensated Self Refresh) modes for long-life of battery on mobile application solution.